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Solar Panel Cleaning In Cambridge – Anglian Cleaning Services

When solar panels are first installed the majority of people do not realise the importance of having them cleaned on a reasonably regular basis. Solar panels are made up of a glass surface like windows and as a result, can get dirty and layered with dust / dirt over time. Solar panels are even more likely to get dirty over time because they are usually open to the elements and exposed to all types of weather.

For solar panels to work at their optimum effectiveness they should be cleaned as much and often as possible. If you have a layer of dirt and grime on top of the glass layer it can reduce the amount of sunlight that enters the solar panel and as a result, reduce the energy generated and lose efficiency.

Not only can having your solar panels cleaned help with increasing solar panel efficiency but it can also help you save money. The more energy generated from your freshly cleaned solar panels, equals the less energy you'll need from the national grid.

If you are looking into solar panel cleaning in Cambridge, then please get in touch with Anglian Cleaning Services, we are always happy to help. Alongside domestic solar panel cleaning, Anglian Cleaning Services can also undertake larger commercial cleaning tasks for solar panel farms or any kind of commercial usage. With our skilled and experienced team we always know exactly how produce excellent results and improve the efficiency of solar panels. Likewise with domestic solar panels, they can become dusty and covered in thin layers of dirt resulting in a decrease in efficiency.

Solar Panel Cleaning In Cambridge

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